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Repairing electronics?

It looks like my Inverter for my PV system has developed a fault. Recently our DVD/Surround sound died too.
I like to think that given some guidance and/or a book I could probably be able to figure out whats wrong with the inverter and maybe fix it.

Does anyone know of a decent book that might guide me through the diagnostic/repair (or any other source of info)?


Inverters are notoriously hard to fault find as they are invariably 'closed loop' systems where the output is used in a feedback loop to control the switching elements.

I don't want to pour cold water on your idea, but if you don't have any previous electronics experience I think you will be disappointed starting with such a relatively complex item.

(who built his first crystal set aged 9 in (gulp) 1959 using a soldering iron heated on a gas ring)
Dee J

I'd second that. I've spent most of my working life up to a couple of years ago maintaining and repairing all kinds of electronic equipment (in an industrial / semiconductor manufacturing environment).
You need data/diagrams of the equipment.
You need an understanding of the way the circuit functions (from an overview of the whole system down to component level).
You need test equipment...(minimum for an inverter: a decent dvm and an oscilloscope).
You need components.
You need soldering skills and tools to deal with the methods used in the particular equipment (de-soldering a BGA device from a multilayer pcb anyone?).
And it still may refuse to work Confused
Of course you may luck on diagnosis by google - a common fault on a well known piece of equipment may already have a solution posted online.
Or there's visual / aromatic fault finding - replace anything that looks or smells toasty (of course if you end up fixing the symptom rather than the cause, then your new parts may well toast too Wink )
Usual cautions apply, dangerous voltages, high temperatures, risk of combustion, presence of dangerous materials etc etc.

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