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Restoring leather suitcase

I have 2 leather suitcases from the 1920s that I might do up if not too expensive. When you put it down on the carpet it leaves a trace of leather dust so needs nourishing seriously. Any Ideas for products or solutions if not too costly. The suitcases are well travelled having been backwards and forwards to Japan and Sumatra over the years.Thanks.
Ty Gwyn

Linseed Oil.

saddle soap with a damp cloth, dry, good leather cream.
use lots of both, repeat leather cream if necessary

treat them gently until flexible again

Linseed Oil.

only if they are on a plank frame box.

drying oil will cause cracking in leather that flexes
Mistress Rose

I would agree with a leather cream. You need something rather more nourishing than linseed oil I would think.

I know linseed oil is good for sealing things, but I can't stand the smell so never use it. It is recommended for sealing wood, but I always use an alternative; not so good, but doesn't stink like linseed.
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