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Mrs Baggins

Return of a prodigal Downsizer

Hi everyone, anyone remember me?

I sort of drifted away from this site after having my 3rd baby (3 years ago now already - eek!) and never found the time to do any real life or virtual downsizing. I also went back to Uni and trained as a secondary school teacher which didn't leave me with a lot of time...

Now the kids are getting bigger and more capable and I am finished my training and in the throes of starting my own tutoring business and have just this summer turned my attention to the wasteland that my place has become meantime.

The next year will be devoted to clearing, grubbing, fencing, landscaping, chickens, geese, ducks and a puppy. Really looking forward to getting back into it - I've really missed it. Smile
Nell Merionwen

Hello hello2
welcome back Smile
Mrs Baggins

Thank you Nell. x
Sally Too

Cool Welcome back.
Our bees buzzed off... How about yours?

welcome back Smile I do remember you - but I've always been a bit of a lurker - tho i did wander off myself for a while whilst the kids put in appearances
Very Happy

Hello and welcome back. Smile

I don't remember you but then I joined in 2009 and you may have stopped posting by then.

Welcome back! wave
Nicky Colour it green

welcome back Smile
Mrs Baggins

Aw - really lovely to read your replies and to see some familiar names too! wave I'm glad to be back.

I've so missed pottering around my place but I just don't get any time. I really need to go back to work to help make ends meet (hence the teacher training!). Life with 3 kids is expensive. Shocked

Looking fwrd to getting back in the saddle again. Just getting ready to start phase 1 of sorting out our garden the way we want it and getting some fencing... Rolling Eyes

Sally Too - my hubby took over the bees for me when I was pregnant. He was brilliant. Worked really hard at it and did a wonderful job. Then the wasps moved in. That was 2010 when the wasps were just awful. They demolished the first colony. Ate all the brood, honey and even the adult bees. The other hive absconded. My husband was devastated. We still don't have any more bees but I think of them often. Sad

Hello Mrs. B - how the devil are you? Very Happy
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