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revenge of the bait

i had a very nice visit to scarbourgh yesterday,pottering and enjoying the seaside fun in the sun.having decided to try the high tide soup at the mouth of scalby beck for cod and pollack i had a happy hour floating a gurnard fisk bait to no gain apart from being there .having met a couple of angry crabs bottom fishing i thought they might like the head and bits as a teatime treat .my last act in packing up was to smile as i flung the bits to the crabs ripping two fingers on the nasty semi toxic spines as i did so Embarassed
after half an hour or so i stemmed the bleeding with plantain and today they are only sore .

beware spines ,im normally very careful and glove up for landing etc but this time i was careless.
Northern Boy

Ouch. Having learned all my sea fishing outside the UK I learned about Gurnard spines the hard way, and dogfish skin. In fact I am still learning - a 10lb bull Huss went back into the Bristol Channel last week wearing a hefty patch of my skin which it had scraped from my arms, knee and foot.
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