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Rhubarb and garlic relish

Just thrown this together -


2 lb rhubarb stalks washed and chunkily chopped
1 lb onions diced
Thumb sized bit of ginger root - grated but not peeled
2 bulbs of garlic - finely sliced
1 pint of malt vinegar (go by eye on this you don't want soup)
Tablespoon of mustard - I used a wholegrain.
Large mug full of brown sugar
Spices - depends what you've got in the cupboard - I used mustard seeds (ground), coriander, chilli, cayenne pepper, black pepper and a little mixed spice.


Put all in a pan and simmer for about an hour and a half. Until you can draw a wooded spoon across the bottom of the pan an the relish does not immediately run back.

Sterilise some jars and add relish while they are still warm. Will keep for about 3 months (probably much longer) in a dark cupboard.

mmm - now that i can do

Hmm. I just made this. Sounded lovely. Got everything together. Whacked it in the pan, and it's bubbling gently. Smells lovely.

And I realised I forgot to chop the ginger, and it can't be seen in the mush.

Chutney roulette, anyone?
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