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rhubarb and sultana baklava

500gm rhubarb
200 gm sultanas
100 gm muscavado sugar(or similar)
mixed spice(use stick n lumps [mulled wine mix is ideal] as ground turns to slimey goo)
nice tea
2 vanilla pods split
two tbs water
3 sheets filo pastry(make it if you want but i use packet)

make tea with mixed spices added, steep a while, strain,put tea and spice liquor on sultanas and leave overnight

put sugar ,water,vanilla and rhubarb in a pan ,bring to boil,leave to cool when rhubarb just starting to fall.
when cool sieve and retain mush(scrape pods and mix into mush)
return liquid to pan ,boil until reduced to thick syrup,leave to cool.

put one sheet on board ,cover with drained sultanas.
put next sheet on that and cover with rhubarb mush
roll up to end of board
lay out last sheet
roll the roll onto last sheet and roll up.
place on buttered baking tray ,crimp ends

bake 180c fan for 30 mins (or until light brown and crispy by whatever means you have)

cool, cut into portion sized sections and plate spiral up,drizzle with reduced syrup,wait a while,serve.

rather nice warm(hot is dangeroos) or cold

Oh, that sounds so good!
I may have to make it.

the spice, fruit and rhubarb combo is lovely .i tried it as i had the stuff but it is worth getting the stuff to make this one.

the wrapping schedule is important as the mush needs support to prevent an "alien" type birth of fruit from the roll.filo is nice but it is a bit delicate if damp.
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