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Rice and Courgette au Gratin


  • 100g brown rice per person (or slightly less). And it doesn't HAVE to be brown.

  • Half a large onion per person (or slightly more).

  • Half a large courgette per person (or slightly more).

  • An oz-ish of cheese per person (or slightly less).

  • An egg per person.


  1. Fine slice the onions and the courgettes and fry on a very low heat for ages. You don't really want them to brown, just go really squishy. 'Ages' is probably about an hour. Obviously you can do it quicker if you're in a rush, but squishy is what you are aiming for.

  2. Cook the rice.

  3. Grate the cheese.

  4. Mix all those bits together and season to taste. I normally use pepper and not much else.

  5. Wait until it's cooled sufficiently and then beat the eggs and stir them in. Cook at 180 degrees for 1.5 hours or so, until it's golden brown on top.


t's nice hot or cold and it freezes well.
As a variation, I sometimes blanch spinach and stir in, or I stick tomatoes on the top.
I am not very good at quantities, I just sort of shove things in and they either work or they don't
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