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Rice cooker with timer?

Having lived the first ten years of his life eating rice at least once a day most days of the year, son has a hankering for proper tah-dig (fried on the bottom) type rice, (and so do I!) but I can't find the right kind of cooker and neither of us has a gas stove (electric is too up and down with the temperature).
They're pretty simple. Instead of a temperature sensor that turns the cooker off the moment the water has been absorbed, they have a timer that can be set according to how crispy you like your tahdig.

Ok, since starting to write this I have found a couple, having remembered the keyword tahdig, but they are 3-4 times the price of soggy rice cookers! Shocked Neutral

Anyone know where to get one at a less eyewatering price? Embarassed

I'd have thought that your best bet was a trip up to that London and a visit to some shops.

I took a chance on a rice cooker from lidl. Nine quid. It's amazing. Perfect rice, every time, no thought. If I ignore it for ages, it sometimes catches.

Combine the two, you might have a result for a tenner?
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