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fish (the other one)

Roach caught on a lure!

ime told to catch a Roach on a plug is unheard of !,but here is a video i took this evening at stourhead!

Bizarre. looked like a good size for roach too.

I liked hearing the birdsong, but what was the splash before you put it back?



Looks like a great evening to be out fishing, by the dorsal position and concave anal fin, are you sure it wasn't a rudd? They are much more likely to be picked up on lures as they are much more agressive hunters.

Sorry if this is a granny & eggs situation.

fish (the other one)

i did wonder if it was a roach rudd hybrid! the body shouts out roach but the mouth is upturned. Wink

You still haven't told us what the splash was, just before the end of the film Very Happy
fish (the other one)

the bit that didnt film for some reason!it was me putting the fish back!
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