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Roof - bits blew off in the storm ........

so getting it stripped and redone.

Has been needed doing fo a while...and no felt at the moment so that will be new too.

What do you recon it would cost to strip the roof, fit felt, and reroof in slate (spanish) ...ridge tiles are fine. Roof is single pitch with a foot print of 30 ft by 30 ft (ish) pitch heigh 10ft ish............not doing it myself...getting a roofer to do the lot....what kind of pprice should I be expecting?


can't you get the insurance to pay for it?

mmm shouldn't think so.........was advised that the roof needed replacing when we bought the house....that was 10 years ago!
Now got some money saved and though we may as well get it done asap.

spanish slate comes in different grades, some of it is (so a roofer tells me) rubbish, Apparently Welsh is still regarded as the best. Ask to see a roof that been up for a while with the slates they are planing to use.

I thought slate was slate, but apparently it varies in harness and durability quite a lot.

(not that that helps you with quotes)

Thanks for the tip MarkS. We have had the roof repaired over the years so we have some spanish slate on there already.

I am afraid that we cannot afford welsh slate as it is more than twice the price. The original slates are welsh (a blue colour) and make up most of the roof with some pinky ones which I assume are cornish and even older.


To strip, felt, batten and re-slate on a roof of that size could vary in price from a shade under 4k to 8k, depending on who does it and what sort of slates you specify - and how many are re-used. Even if you wanted to re-use all the old slates you'd have to allow for at least a 10 per cent breakage rate.
As Mark says, there's a huge difference in quality between various slates. Some Spanish is good, but much is very brittle, as is Brazilian. That mean's it's trickier to fix as it can't be cut with shears and is a b*gger to nail. Chinese slate can be very good, but ethically it stinks. Have a look at reclaimed Welsh slates. You may be lucky enough to get them for around 80p a pop if you're after standard 20x10s and your local salvage yard has a good stock.

What does that recycled stuff that looks like slate (he said vaguely) cost? And is it any cop?

thanks.......I'll pop round the salvage yard tomorrow...we have a very good one in the next village.
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