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Roof tiles

I need a few replacement clay roof tiles and as people often get their roofs re-roofed I've kept my eye out for some. Today I noticed some builders loading up a skip after a job and asked and they were more than happy for me to take what I wanted, even pointing out the virtually new ones and ones that had hardly worn.

I only need about 10 and have 30 or so, but there's a pile of a few hundred nearly new ones waiting to be skipped. I think I'll get those and replace a few of my more worn tiles whiled I'm replacing the damaged ones.

So, if you're after some tiles to replace some or to roof a porch or even a log store, keep an eye out for re-roofing in your area and keep some usable tiles out the landfill! Very Happy

As an aside I asked if they didn't have a market for used tiles and they said there isn't much need for them.
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