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Jam Lady

Ropa Viejo

O.K. I volunteered to make this dish for a Caribbean picnic that the mushroom society culinary group is having this coming Saturday. The name means "old clothes" and it is slow cooked shredded beef.

I make pulled pork in a slow cooker, using bone-in pork shoulder. It's lovely. So this dish using beef attracted my attention.

Most recipes I've found use flank steak. The recipe I like in a very good culinary magazine calls for brisket, cut in pieces then cooked for a couple of hours in a low oven.

I don't want to heat up the house, would like to use a slow cooker / crock pot that I could even plug into an outside outlet.

Now - advice please. I think 2 hours or so in a slow oven would come around to 8 hours at low in a slow cooker. Agree? Would you use the brisket whole or cut up as the preferred recipe directs?

TIA for your good advice.

8 hours sounds about right. If there's liquid in with it and the meat's going to be shredded in the end then I can't see any real advantage to keeping the meat in one piece.

if you cut it into manageable chunks along the grain the "pulled"texture will be retained

i tend to do brisket for 4 to 6 hrs ,if you over cook it the muscle fibers can get a bit "woody"in texture

salting the beef for a couple of days improves both taste and texture if you have time to do that

I have made this Tom Kerridge Pulled Beef recipe a few times:

Absolutely excellent!!!! People always have second or even third helpings!

I've done similar things. Just popped the brisket in whole. but 24hrs in the slow cooker. Overnight on high then the rest of the day on low. Just pulls apart. With a good sauce it's great with ribbon type pasta.
Jam Lady

Here's what I came up with

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