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Rosie's Mincemeat Cake


  • 4oz/100g margarine

  • 4oz/100g soft brown sugar

  • 2 large eggs

  • 12oz/325g mincemeat

  • 7oz/190g SR flour

  • A little milk if needed


  1. Grease a 7"/18cm round cake tin and line with greased greaseproof paper

  2. Cream marg and sugar and mix in beaten eggs (with a little flour to stop it curdling)

  3. Stir in mincemeat and fold in flour. Mixture should be moist so if necessary add a little milk.

  4. Bake in a moderate oven Gas 3, 325F, 160C for 10mins then reduce to Gas 2, 300F, 150C for about 1.5hrs.


Apparently this keeps well. Do let her know if you find out this is true.
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