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roundup/gm and tings


this was on the page about lions that tavascarow flagged,i suspected anything that kills plant,bugs and chelates metals might not be a good environmental chemical but the body of evidence about the stuff seems to provide overwhelming reasons to get it out of use asap.

Monsanto have a lot to answer for, & we currently have a government who want to let GM in.
That will mean a hell of a lot more glyphosate.
I knew it has been found in groundwater & even the drinking water in urban America. Never realised it was found in rain too!!
Mistress Rose

It seems there is a case for further study on glyphosate. It has its uses, and with other, known to be toxic chemicals having been phased out, it perhaps ought to be used in only certain circumstances. I would certainly agree that arial spraying should be stopped.

The problem is that chemicals are developed, and testing brings up no major problems. As they are used more and more, problems emerge and should be adressed quickly to prove one way or the other. Failure by the companies concerned or governments leads to articles like that which may take a rather pessimistic view of things.

I might add that something being found in measureable amounts in various places reflects the sensitivity of the testing methods more than the danger levels. In the days when most things could be tested to 1-10 ppm at best, we probably were exposed to a lot more dangerous things than we are now.

I am not advocating letting things carry on as they are. I think there is a posibility that glyphosate is a lot more dangerous than was thought, but that the dangers need to be investigated so that it is used only where it is really needed, not as a catch all herbicide.
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