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Rowan berries are ripe.

Here in South Cornwall.

Found this tree laden with easy to reach crop & a crab apple just dropping the first ripe fruit.
Green Rosie

What do you do with yours? I added some to hedgerow jelly one year but have to admit to preferring the batch without them Rolling Eyes

About 30(!!!) years ago I made some Rowanberry wine. It was really good. It was left for well over a year and a beautiful golden colour. Happy memories.
Mistress Rose

I have added them to hedgerow jam. Think some are ripe here, but some aren't quite there yet.

A Finish friend says they dry and grind them, and add to bread flour. I've not tried it yet.

I'm afraid that last year I just left them for the birds.
Penny Outskirts

I made a test bit of Jelly the other day, but it was quite bitter. I think I squished too much pulp out. Sad But it set really well without any additions.

I just used equal weight of honey and juice from berries that had been boiled until they were mushy, then drained for about four hours. Where I went wrong I think was in pushing the juice through the sieve too enthusiastically, and a bit of mush came through too.

Going to have another go today to see if it tastes any better. (with no pushing!)
Mistress Rose

I would extract the juice first than add sugar or honey to taste. The usual method is to use a jelly bag and just let the juice run through. I have used them whole in hedgerow jam, but then they are mixed with less tart things like blackberries. On its own rowen berry jelly is supposed to be eaten with meat like redcurrent.

I have just cooked up some rowan and apples for jelly making. Running through a jelly bag tonight. Will post a piccy of the jars tomorrow.

just made at the weekend crab apple and rowen jelly.. it was really nice with Sunday lunch fresh venison.... only hands that touch that meat are MINE.....grate feeling

Yes, re jelly, it is important to just let it drip through and not push it.

Equal weight of crab apples and rowan produces rowan jelly which I have just made. It has a definite, slightly bitter taste, but is good.
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