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Rubber chippings for chickens?

I've agreed to try and restrict the amount of space taken up by chicken housing in our garden. So, this will mean having an ark and attached run on a semi-permanent site (the 'semi' bit meaning I will have twice the area that they take up, so can move them back and forth over time). Clearly some sort of surface would be sensible as I know what happens to grass after chickens have resided on it for more than a few weeks Embarassed

Does anyone have recommendations as to what to use please? I have access to a large (but finite) supply of chipped tree, and someone has also suggested rubber chippings on the grounds that they are recycled, and can be hosed down so would be a single permanent option. Any thoughts / suggestions gratefully received!

I always thought that it was Trill that made your budgie bounce with health ! Laughing

My chooks are restricted into permanent run and the floor is time to time covered with all manner of compostable material...straw, shavings, wood chippings, grass clippings, weeds, leaves....etc. I really treat the whole area like one BIG compost heap. Once the 'floor' level gets too high, it gets emptied onto allotment and the 'growing' start all over again. The wheel barrow job is the hardest bit, but luckily it doesn't happen too is good stuff to spread on veg beds and the run gets emptied about 3 times a year, 10-15 wheelbarrow loads at the time. Every so often I sprinkle layer of wood ash to keep the 'compost' heap 'sweet' Very Happy
I've kept chickens on same area for yeeeears and without any ill effects, When I start new lot of chickens I do soil change and give it good liming ..this will have few weeks time to work in while chicks are still hatching and growing bit bigger for the outdoor life.
This 'deep bed' method works for me and girls feet are kept reasonably dry and clean during wet weather/season. Very Happy

Mine are in a permanent run too (except when they free range in the garden when I'm around). I've put down paving slabs for them - and top it with wood chip or similar (put a kick board around the base of the run to keep it tidy). I scrape it out every couple of weeks or so and replace the wood chip (Easibed at the moment - although Aubiose is good too and composts well). Their feet are kept dry and there are no flies and no nasty smells when it rains. Nothing can burrow in either.

I've tried both of those at different times and places and they're both good. I think Wellington womble had a pea gravel pen that she used to power wash.

Hmmm. Thanks for all the suggestions - lots to think about. I'm interested in the idea of using slabs with a removable surface on top as we definitely have foxes around - but am slightly concerned that this will provide harbourage underneath for rats Twisted Evil Maybe pea shingle would be more pleasant than rubber when (if?) the hotter weather arrives...
*wanders off cogitating to self*

I always thought that it was Trill that made your budgie bounce with health ! Laughing

A blast from the past! I'd forgotten that ad completely Laughing

I'm sixty this year. Embarassed Laughing

I'd say shingle rather than rubber.
20/sqm for rubber is a bit pricey.
and even though rubber is sold as safe for pets I just wouldn't like the idea of using painted shredded car tyres.
What if you want to dispose of the rubber in a few years ? You wouldn't normally cut up and dump car tyres in your garden. At least shingle could be used elsewhere in the garden.
If you want to hose chippings/shingle down then you will need a matting underneath.
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