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Rugby International?

We've had next weekend planned for months but thanks to an international rugby match, there's been a change of plan.
This coming Friday will see Karen and myself at the Cheltenham Races, which was going to be followed by a rugby match at Kingsholme on the Saturday, as the home team Gloucester take on Harlequins.
I have however just found out that Gloucester have picked up an international match on the Sunday and that the match we were going to see is now taking place on the Friday.

We can't be in two places at once but thankfully, all is not lost and instead of watching rugby, we're going to revisit this place instead. We were there earlier in the year and it truly is a magical place. Its one of those places, where you daren't get yours out in public, because everyone else has a bigger one than you. I am of course referring to my camera.

Apparently, a few weeks later than usual, the first of the Bewick swans have started to return.

Wonderful place. I took my daughter, some years ago now, and we stayed in the Youth Hostel nearby. It even has a little pond of its own. The Wetlands Trust is, as you say, quite magical.

I went to Slimbridge a few years back - great place.
There are bird hides to look at the wild birds and also ponds with tame ones near the buildings. They sell you grain at the door if you want to feed the tame geese. At that time I didn't own domestic geese and with hindsight the geese there are remarkably well behaved - fed from my hand without biting.

Also worth reading Peter Scott's autobiography - the last few chapters are about the founding of Slimbridge.
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