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Rural Planning event - Cornwall

Thursday May 5th at the pavilion at Royal Cornwall Showground, 2pm- 5pm..........

Rural Planning Workshop: speaker Clive Miller MBA BA (hons) DipTP.

A presentation on Farm Planning Issues including Farm Building Diversification and Agricultural Ties.
25 per person if eligible for funding, 50 if non eligible.
Details on Rural Business School website....

Just a reminder that this is on.......

The event will be split into 2 - diversification - reusing farm buildings, building new and looking at diversification from a planning view - and agricultural ties - how to get one, how to live with one, and how to lift one.

Just bringing this back to everyone's notice......

when will it be?

It was on May 5th and proved to be really useful to everyone who attended. There may be a similar event in the future in the Exeter area - anyone who might be interested if you could let me know - again the price will be subsidised for those with a holding number, but around 25 as before - well worth the money to get 3 hrs of planning advice .
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