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saffron scones

normal sieving and mixing rules apply

big pinch of saffron in 1/3c cup milk should soak for several hours until needed

3 cups fine wholemeal flour
1/2 cup vanilla unrefined sugar ,
1/2 ts salt
1 t/s baking powder

sieve into bowl

2/3 cup good butter cut into bits then rubbed into the flour

1/2 cup sultanas rubbed into the mix

one egg ,mix,add saffron milk ,mix,add more milk via the saffron cup (waste not etc ),mix until a sticky dough

use fine white self raising to assist the knock up and gentle roll to without too much kneeding

cut into scones

bake moderate hot until done (190 c for 15 mins is a rough guide )


Love the shape dpack... bet the hound is looking longingly at them

naked they are fine i will try with butter next Laughing

Do you have a bone-shaped scone cutter, or did you shape them by hand ?

bone shaped cutter Embarassed

with butter is nice

did the hound have any?

no Shocked Laughing

shame! Laughing

the kids are in the kitchen. suspect there will be less saffron cake next time i look at it

you can learn concealment ,they can learn seek Laughing

these scbones was my second proper cook with this stuff ,maybe i should get what i can of this batch as i like it and later is too late sometimes Wink
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