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said goodbye to the old dog this morning

Our final visit to the vets.

Poor old Ben collapsed on the stair going in and I had to lift him in (he's 33 kilos).

We have been working well together to get Ben an extra year or so, but he has come to the end and I owed him that final kindness.

So he just went for a long sleep with me holding him. No more pain.

I am so sorry. I feel your pain. xxxxx

hug and a couple of kindly noses.
it is hard but the last kindness is exactly that .
Nicky Colour it green

the last gift.

sorry for your loss

Never an easy thing to do. Sorry to hear about your loss.

That's really hard on you, but you did the right thing.
What lovely beings they are. I share your pain.

Sorry for your loss. As you say, no more pain.

Horrid task but it's our burden to have them with us.

So sorry for you all but glad he went to sleep peacefully xxxx

Very sad for you but the right thing to do.

An awful decision to have to make, but undoubtedly, the right one. So sad for you! X

Just seen this, awful for you Lorraine.

Not so awful. He was a rescue dog - we got him aged 2 from an owner who kept him in a pen outside and fed him kitchen scraps.

He's had a great life with us and has been able, in his later years to sleep all day out on the grass, getting up to welcome visitors and play with their kids.
In the last 2 years he's been on thyroid tabs which have taken their toll. Lately, we knew he had liver problems and arthritis in his spine and legs.
Only in the last month or so did he appear not to be able to deal with life any more, becoming increasingly incontinent and in pain.
The decision was the right one, and after he slipped away I thanked the vet who has been great with him these last years.
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