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salt beef the improved version

first a few observations about the meat.
from frozen seems to give the best texture ( and is convenient etc etc )
most cuts will work but brisket or silverside are ideal depending which you prefer.
well marbled, grass fed from a beef animal will always be better than old moo or feedlot fattened dairy boy.

this method is from frozen and uses a 2kg lump.
defrost in a warm room until about 5 mm of the outside is soft

grind tbl sp mustard seed, 10 black pepper corns. add a little salt and a chopped clove of garlic, grind again. chop a handful of thyme, a handful of rosemary anda spring onion add to mix and grind some more. add 50 gm coarse sea salt, mix gently. the large crystal thing seems important.

rub mix onto all faces of the meat, wrap tightly in cling film, place in dish, put in fridge to defrost/marinate for 3 to 4 days (longer for bigger or tougher chunks of moo)

remove cling film, discard any free liquor, roll and tie to give a compact even shape.
wrap in greaseproof paper or baking parchment. wrap in clingfilm excluding air and giving a "waterproof mac" (vac packing would be good)

from cold poach in water at around 70c (over and cooling to under is ok if you are using a pan on a stove but avoid hard boiling if poss) for around 5 hrs (longer for big n tough etc )cool slowly in pan until below 50 c.

unwrap retaining any internal juices into mould (a loaf tin works) cover loosely in cling film. using a "plunger" (tea caddy in my case) and a weight (frying pan and 5 lt pan of water will do) press the meat in its juices until room temp (several hours)
put in fridge for at least 12 hrs.

slice what you need and either retain lump in fridge (several days should be ok ) or freeze spare in suitable sizes for slow defrosting as required.

tis well yummy and should have a very good texture.

Re: salt beef the improved version

from frozen seems to give the best texture ( and is convenient etc etc )

When I went on my RC course, Steve said that things that have been frozen cure better because as the meat defrosts the removal of water from the meat is greater than if it hasn't been frozen.
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