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Blimey, never realised that this was little more than rubbing cabbage with salt and sticking it in a jar for a few days!
Okay it can be a bit more than that, I have seen equipment for it on Amazon for I kid you not, hundreds of pounds Rolling Eyes


tis odd when peasant survival storage becomes "fancy"

A song about Sauerkraut
Jam Lady

My friend Reinhold recently told me that his family used to make a barrel of sauerkraut, about 100 pounds of cabbage, every winter. Other vegetables were kept in a root cellar.

Now that it is an optional occupation there are all sorts of possible variations. But it is easy to do, and when eaten raw is as healthy for your gut as yogurt.

Making Sauerkraut

The trendy Foodies round here have 'discovered' fermented veg and they're all doing it like mad.
According to the Radio Times the Sunday edition of The Food Programme (repeated on Monday) is about fermentation - so they might well look at sauerkraut.
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