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Scabby dog

My landlords 3 year old lab has scabby small lumps on her rump just above where the tail meets the rump. The dog is worrying the area a lot. Any ideas on cause and remedy? The dog was given Frontline about a month ago, so guessing not fleas.

I was talking to someone in the pub the other night whose dog had fleas and he was struggling to get rid of them. His vet had told him that there was a real problem with fleas that had become resistant to Frontline.
The dog was a Westie and the dog groomer that he uses was refusing to trim it because of the infestation.

Thanks, Bodger.

Interesting one. She also has a cat which is also treated and shows no sign of fleas. Is it possible cats and dogs host different species of flea?
Tonight the dog is scratching constantly in various places.

Could be an allergy. If not an allergy to the flea bites, maybe a food allergy?

Is it possible cats and dogs host different species of flea?

Yep. It is.
It may be worth your landlord getting some household flea spray like Staykil Plus (Other brands are available) and spraying areas/soft furnishings and so on where the dog sleeps etc. The lady who trims Milo also recommended Advantage spot on as more effective than Frontline because of increasing resistance to the latter.

Ok cheers. Will pass it on.
Nell Merionwen

I think both frontline and advantage are made of fiprinil. This is what the fleas are immune to.
We use Advocate, you have to get it from the vet though. It's the only thing that worked.
That and indorex in the house.

Advocate for the dog and Indorex for floor, furnishings.

Also consider mange.

advocate seems to work on my hounds
it might be an allergy.mange,something else or over licking an old flea bite

if it is the latter nasty tasting healing ointments are available but magic splosh will work for a variety of skin problems

I think all good flea treatments are prescription only but it sounds like the dog should be taken to the vet anyway as the problem may not be fleas at all.

They will also be able to advise what treatments are best for your locality as some do ticks, lungworm etc but not all.

seconded on a vet visit ,advocate is script only and mange splosh if required ditto
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