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Scotland : suspension of waterfowl etc shooting

Due to weather, starting midnight this Friday :

The shooting of ducks, geese and waders is to be suspended in Scotland for the second time this year because of severe weather.

From one minute past midnight on Friday (10th December) it will become illegal to shoot ducks including reared mallard, geese, woodcock, snipe and golden plover.

The suspension, approved by the Scottish government, could last for up to two weeks, but will be reviewed after seven days.

Dr Colin Shedden, director of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) Scotland, said: "The legal suspension of the shooting of wildfowl and wading birds offers extra protection when an extended period of severe weather is likely to disrupt the birds' feeding and roosting patterns."


Do people rear mallards for shooting then?

Must do. Hmmmm, ducks... (what is it about feathered things that makes them addictive?)

We have a lot of plovers, golden and the other sort on the fields at the moment. Looking for soft ground to feed on. No-one shoots them round here thankfully.

if it is not aquatic cute = tasty

The Scottish wildfowling ban has now been lifted :
News item here

Do people rear mallards for shooting then?

What does rearing mean? Certainly people protect areas from predators, feed them and encourage breeding so they can shoot at the population.

I was thinking more in the sense that pheasants are reared then released where people want to shoot them.
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