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There are lots of advantages to living on the Lleyn Peninsular. One of them is having such fantastic scenery and wildlife on our doorstep.
Karen and I have just got back from a walk along the cliff tops from Edern towards Tudweliog. My pedometer showed that we did just a tad over three miles.
We went deliberately to have a look at the seals and we weren't disappointed. We saw well over thirty. with quite a few hauled out of the water. Here are some photos that we took of the seals that we saw, I hope that you enjoy them thumbup


Lovely pictures. thanks for posting them.
I will be summoning 10 yearn old daughter for raptures of delight...
if you listen carefully you may hear the squealing!

That's KO. thumbup

thanks ,nice snaps and a very lovely bit of coast for you and them.

i'm rather fond of seals and have had some happy times swimming with them as well as them sharing my fish (i recon the one that liked being hand fed pollack was possibly a rescued and released one ) . a few i've met have seemed to be wondering about the " dry seals " with me ( my yellow hell hound got used to the cornish ones staring at him, eventually ).
Mistress Rose

We sometimes see them, even in the Solent. Saw one once on the south coast of the Isle of Wight. Thought it was a dog swimming at first, but worked out in the end it was a seal.

Lovely pictures Bodger. Thanks for sharing them with us.
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