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The default search engine on this machine is Yahoo. I don't like to see a market over-dominated by one name so I have been disinclined to change, and I had vaguely assumed that they were much of a muchness.
But I have just had an incident where Yahoo almost entirely failed to find anything relevant and while google may not have come up with the answer, it did provide many relevant looking pages.

So why should they be so different, and is google the best or just the biggest?

When I was at work, most people used Google, as that was what the IT chaps installed, but one or two used to prefer Lycos. I think it was supposed to produce better results for scientific information. I used it once or twice, but mainly went with the flow and used Google (it was generally best not to risk antagonising the IT chaps, who were not known as the "Unhelp Desk" for nothing! Wink )


As to why different search engines produce different results, just different precognitive pigeons! Wink


i use quite a range for different things

google for the basics
duck go go for an american perspective and the stuff google has censored to protect the guilty in the eu
google scholar for referenced papers ,patents etc(exilo scholar is also quite good)
google books for well books

i know that is a bit google heavy but it does seem to work

bing is vile what ever the question it wants to sell something and has little interest in the question

yahoo i havnt used since the late 90's

thinking of the 90's many organisations had their own search engine so it was possible to use a chain of them to convince the pooter at the end of the chain that one was a "friend" Laughing this error has been corrected in most cases.

Search is massively complex to get right. So it is not surprising that there are a lot of differences between results.
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