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seasons changing

Last handful of runner beans picked and the haulms put in the compost.

I know I've got leeks, kale, beetroot and spinach still in...but it looks bare without their height.

I felt chilly walking in the woods today for the first time in forever.
I need to investigate my apple trees soon. there isn't much there but what is are bramley's, that I cant buy here...priceless for accompanying roast pork.....yum
Mistress Rose

I have the first of the apples, but can't remember which variety they are. I think they are eaters; as far as I recall, the one behind them is the cooker, Grenadier. I am still living in hopes of a few french beans, but have had virtually none this year. Still some blackberries, but they are fairly well over.

I am surprised that you Grenadier apple is so late I thought it was one of the earliest!

We've started getting snow in the hills. A couple inches the other day. None of it is stick around for long yet.

(And no snow down here in the valley yet)
wellington womble

First morning we could see our breath on the school run this morning. I went off to buy tights, vests and a winter coat (why must children grow, so? You have to buy new things every season!)

On the bright side - our local Wyevale are selling off hundreds of packets of seeds for only 50p each. Most are still ok for 2017/18.

On the bright side - our local Wyevale are selling off hundreds of packets of seeds for only 50p each. Most are still ok for 2017/18.

Stick 'em in the freezer, they'll be fine for several years for the most part!

I have given in and am wearing socks.
Jam Lady

Flannel sheets and winter comforter on bed. Frost possible late tonight so I must haul the last few pots of house plants indoors - several aspidistra, etc.

I was taught that to save seeds they should be kept cool, dark, and dry. No plastic baggies, not in freezer. Fold those cute semi-origami paper packets, put in clean glass jar with screw on lid. Slip in one of those moisture absorbing packets (come with some vitamins) and keep in refrigerator.

To make a paper seed packet:

Take a rectangular piece of letter paper / note paper of suitable size.
Fold in half lengthwise.
Make a double fold on the long open side.
Fold bottom up by about 1/3
Label with name of seeds and date, source also if you wild collected
Open top, add seeds and tap to shift them towards bottom
Fold top corners in, just a bit
Fold over sufficiently to tuck into bottom third that was folded up.

You now have a nice, securely closed, little seed packet that can be made more quickly than it took me to type this.

The only problem I've ever heard of with freezing seeds is moisture issues - either the seeds weren't dry enough before freezing, or the person opened the bag/jar before letting it warm up again after taking out of the freezer, and humidity condensed on the seeds before they were put back in a freezer. (If freezing, don't do those two things, and probably avoid paper packets)

I certainly agree with cooler temps and drier conditions, I guess we just have learned differently about the suitability of freezing.

A quick google turned up a nice article that says freeze or refrigerate:

Either way, cool and dry is good!

Well into the typhoon season now.....arrived back from the UK in time for the super typhoon with 150mph winds. Next one due today.....wind already steadily increasing to above 80mph.
October gardening work mainly consists of clearing wind damaged trees and plants.
Mistress Rose

I tend to keep my seeds in the corner of the larder in a paper bag. It stays fairly cool in there, and those seeds that will last for several years seem to be all right.

Graham, stay safe, and hope the typhoons don't do too much damage. Glad we only get gales, although those can be frightening enough, and a series tends to make you punch drunk about whether there will every be nice weather again.

We had the first frost two nights ago after a very clear night...still didn't see any Orionid meteors !
The Auraura (not spelling well today!) Borealis is supposed to be visible...we have too many clouds and street lights Mad
Jam Lady

We did have frost last night, just a "kiss" at 30 degrees Fahrenheit / -1 centigrade. Canna look sad, can now cut back, dig, pack in peat moss for the winter. Fire in the wood burning stove this morning.
Mistress Rose

We have had a fire a couple of evenings, but didn't have one last night as it was fairly mild and husband had forgotten to bring any wood home. Rolling Eyes
Jam Lady

No firewood? Shades of the shoemaker's barefoot children.
Mistress Rose

It's not so cold that we remember during the day. I nearly remembered yesterday, but then husband came back to the yard with the mower needing maintenance.
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