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seaweed question

I collected some seaweeds whilst in Cornwall, one of which is I think is Nori, or one of the Porphyra species. It's purplish brown, smooth and grows in wavy edged lobes around 10-15 cm in length. Like sea lettuce but the wrong colour and more elongated than sea lettuce. when I picked it, it was purplish brown, now it's drying, it seems greener... It was growing at the upper end of the low tidal zone on rocks on a sandy beach. The beach was Perranuthnoe west cornwall.
I've just finished washing it, and am now pondering whether I picked old sea lettuce, which was actually in the process of dying, or is it a Porphyra as I first thought?
anyone here know about seaweed? what am I looking at? will try and post a picture a bit later.

Sea lettuce goes a very dark green when dried. What you describe sounds like a Porphyra - a laver / nori etc - and is very common round here in West Devon. Looking at the RC Seashore book there's a pic of a fresh laver stretched open and it looks a pale browny green even though it looks like a deep browny purple on rocks and in the sea.

Yay! thanks Treacodactyl, good to know! Cool
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