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Security Camera Software.

Following some discussions at a New Years party, I was reminded that I think that better security systems ought to be more readily available.
Cameras are dead cheap and computers are not expensive, so the question currently on the table is what software to use.
Google comes out with all sorts, so I wondered if anyone here has any experience of it.

CCTV? I've been looking at some cameras from Hong Kong which are about 50 including postage and the tests we have done were excellent.

Not decided on recording kit / software as yet, but should do so in the next few weeks and I will report back.

Not sure what we need, but a couple of things that caught my eye:

Record picture every, say, second and only if "Movement" from previous frame

Ability to draw a "rectangle of interest" and have the software search back for significant image change within that cropped area - e.g. a bike that was there before but is now nicked Sad

Yes, that kind of thing.
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