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Selling timeshare weeks?

Does anyone have any experience in selling a genuine timeshare week. My parents have one that they aren't using but don't know how to sell. They've been duped by a firm already.

They're maybe just not as savvy these days.

Might be some useful information here:

Timeshare Consumers Association
(TCA) can advise on consumer issues.
Telephone 01909 591 100

Organisation for Timeshare In Europe
(OTE) is based in Brussels and can
advise on reputable companies.
Telephone 00322 533 3069

Vacation Owners Independent Coalition
in Europe (VOICE) operates a consumer
information and help service.
Telephone the OTE number (above)

Excellent, thank you! I think they've just gotten in a muddle about it. Not easy business!

A company caled timeshare hypermarket, thats where I bought my fantastic tenirife week ( currentky up for rent this yar since we wont be taking Aaron this young Wink ) and planning to sell mt menorcan week when i get round to it.
long established and trustworthy, or i have always found them to be so.
I wil look up a link for them later in the day
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