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Midland Spinner

Sending an odd-shaped parcel to the USA

We need to send a parcel to the USA.

It's 133 cm * 20cm * 20cm
Weighs 1.256 kg

The Post Office are useless - they told us a price, but said we'd have to go to a larger branch. We in turn told to the customer that price, then when I took it to another Post Office to send it, we were told that it couldn't be sent as it was too big. Now I'm looking at paying an extra 24 to send it.

Who do you use?

The customer wants it fairly quickly.

Parcel2go suggest its going to be about 48.50 with UPS and thats their cheapest option
Rob R

Parcel2go suggest its going to be about 48.50 with UPS and thats their cheapest option

I used P2G with DHL on a 2 day service, about 50, and it got there next day!
Midland Spinner

We ended up with UPS and it's going to cost 38.20, but we did it via Transglobal.

It's all very complicated and generated a staggering amount of paperwork.
And we'll have to wait in for it to be collected tomorrow.
I'm not struck on the idea of sending stuff abroad if it causes this much stress!

on the plus side, I've just made a complaint to the post office about the mis-information that I was given. They say they'll get me a response within 10 days. I wonder if they'll offer compensation? Confused

I stopped posting anything large or of a funny shape abroad as often the postage costs far more than the item. Just not worth the hassle unless absolutely necessary.

Midland Spinner

Courier has just taken the parcel away, plus about a ream of paperwork.

It's in the lap of the gods now.

@Pete. Very Happy If we'd known how much fuss this would entail we wouldn't have agreed to sell the items to the customer.

On the plus side, she bought several things, so at least it was (probably) worth doing - unless they slap extra charges on for anything, in which case it would wipe out any profit for the items at all.

You live & learn.
Nick are excellent. I've never had a problem with them. Whack in sizes, weights and requirements (signed for, times) and they come back with a range of prices from different vendors.

An added problem is that some countries such as Australia don't allow the import of wood so no good to me. America can be funny with sometimes and have been know to rip open parcels and slap customs duty on it. All good fun......not


Feh, mark it as a gift.

ETA. Obviously, I'm joking. Because you'd be robbing the US/Aus authorities of valuable income that pays for healthcare and street lights and that.
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