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Sending christmas greetings without spending money

Partly inspired by this post and partly inspired by an article I read recently about carbon footprint reduction. It is said that ecards are more environment friendly than paper based Christmas cards.
So for if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, spend little or no money doing so, and or support a good cause, you may want to send an eecard, this Christmas. Here are some green charities offering Christmas ecards.

Some are completely free; others you have to make a donation.

If you know of a green or smaller charities you will like to add to this list, just comment on this post.

* Bat Conservation Trust –
* Hope Spring Water -
* Greenpeace –
* WWF –
* Woodland Trust –
Charities that support non environmental causes follows:
* St Clair Hospic –
* The Sick Children Trust –
* Shelter –
* Oxfam –

Yes - And I would much rather receive electronic greetings than a load of cards to gather dust and be a fire hazard.

In the U.S. the postal service is constantly under threat of de-funding, so I do like to think of traditional postage as a means to help support them. (plus I love actual physical mail in general)

But I am torn as the shift to electronic is much better for climate change
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