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Setting my sights

Hi all

I have a MK 5 BSA Meteor which I used to use for plinking a few years back. I got used to aiming down a little, and a bit to the right Smile However, now I would be grateful for some advice on how to get it set up properly. There is little wheel on the hindmost sight.

Also, does anyone know how powerful this model is likely to be?
As in 'rats!!!' ? And, after the runner bean episode last week, rabbits!!!? Wink

stumbling goat

when i set sights for my air rifle at the beginning of each year i use a post and a piece of rope to fix the rifle securely.

i have 2 targets with 4 spots on each about the size of a 5p piece about 10 to 15 metres away and fire a shot into each having tied the rope so that the rifle is about as fixed as it can be, using the breathe slowly out and squeeze the trigger method.

see how the shots compare and then fire 2 more into the same target spot. after what will be 16 shots you should be pretty much spot on, even allowing for the odd oddly sg
haped ppellets.

HOWEVER that will still not be enough for some to ensure a clean despatch. so do it all again. 32 shots should see you right. if you can not hit the same spot on each target after all that don't target animals.

to test the power of the weapon you need a chronograph (i think that is what it is called) worth having it checked anyway to ensure it is below 12 foot lbs.

edited to add should be ok for rats and rabbits at short distance, less than 20 metres.

my weihrauch is ok with rabbits at a little over that.

good luck.


Thank you very much.

I will do this, I can see that I would have to be consistent. If I'm good enough, the plan is to hide, and ambush. Head shots between eyes and ears. Not far, it is my garden. I will put out corn as bait for the rats. Don't want to use poison, there are red kites, buzzards, owls, round here who might pick up dying critters.
Anyway, I'll get practising. Thanks again.

You can download free targets from here:

The important thing is grouping - your shots have to be repeatable. Shoot a group of at least five at the target, take the centre of the group as your point of impact and adjust your sights, then fire another group.

The weapon should naturally aim at the target in your grip - move your body rather than your arms until the target is at centre. Check alignment by closing your eyes for five seconds, and then see if the weapon is still aimed at the bull. If not, your position is putting bias on the weapon which will affect the shot, so reposition yourself and check alignment again. When you've got that right, start shooting groups.

When your groups are nice and tight, start using the weapon at different ranges to see how much your projectile falls as it flies. Get used to judging distances by eye; with an air rifle, even five yards can cause a substantial fall in trajectory.

When you can shoot tight groups at the various ranges your weapon is effective at, you are ready for live quarry.

This is a 50-yard group with a .22 - it is acceptable for live quarry.


my local gunshop will do a clean and tune for legal max for about 40
12 ftlb is ok for rat between elbow and knee and bunny headshot at 25 yards ,greater distance or bunny chest shot needs more terminal power
i set sights with groups of five fired at a long cross in pen on a bit of card ,
set at about 15 yards at 12 ftlb re set at 25 ,should be the same setting ,then the weapon should be almost perfect between those distances ,if you know the distance to your victim before the event set at that distance
if it is an old gun a new spring ,piston washers ,clen and polish inside will work wonders for accuracy and consistant accuracy shot after shot

springers aim very differently when held to how they aim when bench clamped or tied to a post ,the jump and the body combine to give a very different point of aim to a fixed gun ,set the sights in the position you will probably shoot in ,

a rough non chrono guide to power is put a round into a phone book at close range ,if the pellet is about 3/4 inch in it is about 12ftlb ,this is not accurate but will show if you need a visit to a good gunshop to get it up or down

Thanks dpack and Brownbear - I am nowhere near the result on that target you showed.
Tmrw I will do the phone book test.
Then print off and use the targets for practise, and see how I get on. Also see about getting gun cleaned up at a shop.
I fancy a bazooka to blast them .
OK, I 've got to get my act together.
Many thanks

If you're in or near Devon I'd be happy to give you a bit of help getting set up.

Unfortunately, just west of London, a bit far to pop round, though not impossible. That is a very kind offer , and thanks for making it. I'll see how I get on this week. I may come back to you for more advice if that's ok
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