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Jam Lady

Seville Oranges

Hooray! I was at the supermarket yesterday. They had Buddha's hand citrus, three of them, good looking, and priced at an insane $14.99 each. On the theory if they had that it was reasonable make my annual plea for Seville oranges.

They are very, extremely scarce over here.

I corralled on of the men in the produce department. He checked his little handheld widget, said they were available, and he'd just that minute ordered a case. Woo hoo!

So this morning I phoned up to be sure they'd actually been delivered. Told him no, I didn't want the entire case. Drove over after lunch and bought 16 for me and 4 for a friend. A modest 4 for $1.99.

Not the most beautiful Seville oranges I've ever seen but last year I couldn't even get any. He opened the case and told me to help myself. So I cherry-picked the larger, heavier ones.

There is marmalade making in my future! Plain Seville orange marmalade. A variant with cranberries. A lovely version I've made before, with Scotch whiskey.

Good thing the multiple batches of fruitcake are completed, say what!
wellington womble

Hurrah. I shall have a look myself. I love homemade marmalade.

That's early.
@Jam Lady: Are your Sevilles imported from Spain or do people grow them in California or somewhere?
Jam Lady

Sean, there are one or two specialty growers in Florida. I just did a search: their Seville oranges are expensive, plus expensive shipping, plus they only sell by the tray (12 to 15 oranges.) This year the price for one tray is $34.95, shipping additional.

The 20 sour oranges I bought today cost $9.95, no shipping charge.

The label I peeled off one fruit and put on my glasses to read has the following information:

El Sol Brands Inc
sour oranges
quality tropical products
product of Dominican Republic

These oranges have smooth yellow peel with some russetting. Previous years I've had Seville oranges with somewhat warty green skinned peel.

Looked up El Sol Brands - 54 oranges per case, FOB Miami or New York

Thank you.
Mistress Rose

I haven't noticed any Seville oranges here yet. The farm shop I patronise usually has them.
wellington womble

None here yet.
Jam Lady

Could the sour oranges I bought be bergamot oranges?

I still have seville orange marmalade from about 4 years ago! Lets jut say I made an enthusiastically large batch.
Jam Lady

That's one of the reasons I like to make variations - "plain" orange marmalade, marmalade with cranberries, marmalade with either Scotch whiskey or Cointreau - you get the idea.
Jam Lady

My attempt to email the vendor yesterday resulted in an undeliverable response.

And I'm coming around to the fact that these sour oranges are not Seville oranges.

A friend with terrific food knowledge wrote, "It sounds like you found the same fruit that I bought from my local bodega last year for the same price. As you said,they are not Seville oranges. They are native to South America and are primarily used by latinos in marinades. I made marmalade with then and that worked fine. Not as pretty as blood oranges or Sevilles but tasty. You can also use them with fish,chicken and pork as marinades. Just replace any acidic component as they should work fine. Seviches are another possibility."
Mistress Rose

That would certainly make sense as you are closer to South America than Spain Jam Lady.
Jam Lady

We may be closer to South America than we are to Spain, Mistress Rose, and these oranges did come from the Dominican Republic. But I don't think that really is the issue. It is instead A) time of year - too early for Seville oranges and B) produce manager trying to be helpful who heard me say that Sevilles were sour oranges used for marmalade. He focused on "sour" rather than "Seville" so that's what I have and what I'm making marmalade with.
Mistress Rose

Well if they make good marmalade it doesn't really matter. Just checked and the Seville orange season is end of December to February, so the next thing to do after Christmas is finished. Very Happy
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