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Sewing a waterproof jacket

I'm making my own breathable waterproof jacket. So far I have taken apart an old jacket to give me a template and then cut out mockup pieces from old curtains. These pieces have been temporarily fastened together with staples, pins, safety pins. The design seems OK. Are there any good resources out there to help me with design and construction tips?

A proper needle for your sewing machine. It has an arrow shaped tip so doesn't tear the fabric. I might get time later to point you at some places with ideas.

Tape the seams if you want it to be really waterproof.
Rain will come in through the stitch holes otherwise, however well it's sewn.

wellington womble

I've tumble dried mine following a repair to shrink the needle holes. Works on cloth nappy covers, too.

ironing will also help reseal stitching but glue n tape are the way that is best.
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