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a proper overview , details and theory . i will need help though .any one out there ?

I'm not sure if we agreed a sharpening article would be good or not. It seems people do it in many ways and we didn't wish to wrongly advise people.

We discussed this here with some good details from people:

What do others think?

an a to z of tool choice and maintainance ? i will write a bit and post to see if people would like to add or contradict . most of us use tools and get one , maintain it ,pass it on seems like a good idea .

I think that's a good idea, especially for people like me who have absolutely no idea.

Can I make the suggestion that it might be a good idea to take a really tight focus on a single tool type in an article. Selection, use and maintenance.

Axes, saws, hammers (?), knives, chisels, drills (?), spades...
OK, so I only recently discovered that a pointed "gravediggers spade" is the weapon of choice for stoney ground... doh!

But I do think that "sharp edges and how to look after them" sounds like a good idea. I'm sure that any subsequent discussion's conclusions could be added back to the article.

thats the sort of thing .

i just started new wood chisels and it was getting large when i timed out or something however i ve found out how huge this subject is even as i tried to keep it simple . i will try to think of a better way than huge prose .

still i consider
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