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Pel 2

sheep nuts ok for horses? not as a feed, nicking bits

I'm thinking as such small quantities its probably fine. But as I don't know the nutritional needs of a horse I.e sheep very good at absorbing copper so low copper needed in diets. I know a horses general what you can feed, but not mineral/bits requirements.
So would sheep nuts be ok?

Best not to, but maybe difficult to stop them pinching them... Could you make a creep barrier so the sheep could get to the nuts but not the horses?

I know pig nuts nearly killed my cow, as they swelled up when she wasn't expecting them. Might be best to avoid as horses get sick for fun.
Rob R

Nat gives her horses beef nuts. There's a lot of rubbish put out there about horse feeding, large because people will spend more on horse feeds. Most horses get sick because they eat too much, a bit like us, so best to take precautions if they're eating a lot of them.
Pel 2

Literally a handful. The horse is one of the stallions at a riding centre (breed their own). So, all in excellent nick, generally. Sounds like it be ok, its not an intentional feed, but plenty of grass in the field. Idea was to hand feed the sheep as they are a bit wild and owner wanted to tame them a little. Welsh black mountain.

Welsh Black Mountain.... pahhh.... there is no taming them unless you have bottle fed them. Escape artists of note!

There are a few welsh black mountains, around the fields by me, dotted in with whites.
I've only met a couple before, they seemed ok, like not nosing up alongside you, but not scared.
Any methods, other than usual to get the tame? As in not running away from you, when your on the other side of the field, but you can get half a field away.
My normal method is just to sit in with them, eventually they sniff you.

Familiarity with you and routines. If you are walking or biking through once or twice a day every day they settle. Currently we are checking them every hour or so. I can walk through some of the fields and they'll barely even get up out of my way.

Some of the yearlings are still pretty wild though and we have several free ranging sheep who do their own thing completely. They avoid collection for shearing, worming, anything, every time. They mostly stay on the farm and always manage to find a ram.
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