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Ok I inherited a sheepskin from my grandad after he passed away July last year nothing special but I want to treat it somehow on the back as the skin is very hard. I believe he had it yrs and I don't think it's been treated . I'm wondering the best way to make it last without ruining it. It seams very hard (hard too explain) but don't want too brush on a load of linseed oil and it be very wet for ages sort of thing. Is there a good and effective way of treating a skin/hide? Cheers in advance matty

My guess is that you'll need to use something like flexalan, brushed on to the leather side.
wellington womble

I have a feeling neatsfoot oil the thing to use, but I can’t remember where I read it. I don’t put anything on mine (except conditioner when I wash them) but none are as venerable as yours, and they are all regularly pummelled by a small child, which keeps the supple.

neatsfoot oil is ace stuff for old leather/ the skin side of pelts.

iirc there was a place in barnsley market that sold it from their tripe stall but in modern times these folk sell it as well horsey shops etc sell it at daft prices
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