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Shell-less Eggs

My hens lay very well, I only have 4, mixed bag, couple of ex-batts and a couple of anons. Suddenly I am getting an egg without a shell, just the tough membrane. It seems a perfectly good egg. They are out foraging for at least 3 hours every day. I don't know which hen is laying it. They get kitchen scraps, mixed poultry corn, green stuff, etc. It's only one of them, I have eliminated one of the batts, and I get 3 eggs from the others, not every day, but I know it's only one of them.
Any comments/help?
They do have a bantam cockerel with them, Phoenix blood, not very stable!

It may well be the other ex-batt...who has run out of steam (well, calcium really Rolling Eyes ). It's just the way they are made. Make sure there's a pot of oystershell at all times and try not to leave the shell-less egg for any longer than possible in case one of them decides to have a taste of it.

How old are they all ?
Nicky Colour it green

might be worth just feeding layers pellets for a bit - see if it improves - layers pellets have soluble calcium. Does seem to just happen though - possibly age related.

One of my hens is laying shell-less eggs, just yolk in the nest box. As yet I havent been able to find out which one it is.

They arent having layers pellets but roam freely in the field.

Is there any chance her eggs will go back to normal?

You could also try giving them their egg shells back to eat. I used to do this with mine, just collect enough (to be worth bothering with), pop in the oven on low, grind up with a pestel & mortar. Mix in with scraps etc.

Think you can also get liquid calcium, which you put in their water.

I've had the same happen recently, just occasionally, and also what appeared to be an extra membrane OUTSIDE a perfectly normal egg...I just carried on with the pellets/corn/poultry grit/free-ranging & all seems to be well atm, so hope it's a temporary blip with your lady. I guess we're all entitled to a few off-days!

I have had the same thing - one has been doing it for a while - also normal looking wind eggs (no yolk) - have been trying a calcium supplement in their water - has helped with one of them. If it stops laying eggs altogether might be worth feeling their tummies - if it starts getting bigger could mean they are dropping into its stomach and that is never good as I found out with my favourite chicken at Easter!
Good luck!
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