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Shooting at Bisley

On Saturday I participated in four competitions as part of the 'Autumn Action Weekend' in the gallery rifle class at Bisley.

Bisley, near Farnham, in Surrey is the headquarters of the National Rifle Association (NRA), is the world’s best known and most varied shooting centre. It's set in 3000 acres of Surrey heathland 30 miles from Central London.

The four completions I took part in where:

Advancing target
25 metre Precision
Timed and Precision
America Match

The Gallery rifle is not dissimilar to the cowboy rifles seen in western films. It fires pistol calibre ammunition of various calibres, mine being .357 Magnum from a Marlin 1894C.

As of yet I don't know how well I did, in terms of overall ranking, as the scores have not yet been published. The system uses a classification system by which experienced shooters are marked differently to those with little or no competition experience (me).

I ended up on a bit of a high, in my very last practice, by putting all six bullets into the inner ring of target centre (referred to as the X).

This was my first time at Bisley and I was unsure of the protocols but I found the staff and range officers to be extremely helpful and found the whole experience entirely enjoyable.

My scores were:

Advancing target - 175/180
25 metre Precision - 276/300 (6 X's)
Timed and Precision - 295/300 (13 X's)
America Match - 268/300

Experience shooters would normally get full marks, or drop just a point or two and tie break on the number of X's. I've a long way to go but is was great fun and even if I'd shot really badly I'd say it was worth it.

Sounds like a great weekend - well done !

I live in Farnham and had no idea......

You could have had tea and cake Embarassed

BahamaMama wrote:
I live in Farnham and had no idea......

You could have had tea and cake Embarassed

Next time perhaps? I used to live in Selborne, near Alton, then moved to just outside Horsham so it's home territory for me.

With pleasure!

I've just got my results:

Advancing target - 3rd place Class A (equal points with 2nd place)
25 metre Precision - 13th place (not surprising)
Timed and Precision - 7th Place Class A
America Match - 3rd place

Only the first two places get a medal in the America Match Sad

But it means I come away with a bronze medal Smile

Very nice. I've never done competition shooting but keep meaning to give it a try.
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