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Shotgun cartridges

I have just realised I only have 4 cartridges left in the box Shocked Not having done much shooting till the last 6 months or so and then only because I've been waging war on the squirrels and rabbits that seem all of a sudden to think my field is a good place to be, its years since I've bought any.

Annoyingly I was in Hereford on Tuesday and could easily have got some there, had I realised how low my supply is.

I'm just wondering where you get yours from, I've been looking online but am not sure which is the best place to get them etc.

I have a Webley & Scott .410, a great little gun Very Happy

We get ours from the local ag. merchants, Mole Valley Farmers in this case, they are the cheapest locally. Have never tried buying online so can't be of any help there! Laughing

Mole Valley was the cheapest online but they dont do mail order on cartridges Laughing

I could try the local ag merchants tho, hadnt thought of that Exclamation
Ty Gwyn

Surely there s a Gun Shop in Brecon?

Surely there s a Gun Shop in Brecon?

No, not that I know of. Theres one in Builth but I dread to think what their prices are...
Ty Gwyn

Thats a surprise for a country market town,

Sometimes fishing tackle shops also sell cartridges,well the one in Aberaeron used to.
Any use?

Our local gun shop is in Llechryd and he stocks everything you need, but it may be a bit far for you:

Oh says Avalon guns in Street, Somerset do mail order. Smile

Cardigan and Somerset would be a bit far for me Laughing I will try the local Ag merchant first, hadnt thought of them!

Very Happy
Colin & Jan

I've used these people before when picking up; not sure what carrier charges are like though.

Its a shame .410 cartridges cost more than 12 bore ones nowadays. I'm sure it didn't used to be like that years ago.
It would probably be a worthwhile saving loading your own, especially if your webley is a 2.5 inch chamber.
I believe you can buy a very simple hand decapper for the primer/ sizer for the case and a little roll turn over tool that fits on a drill for the end. The powder is measured with a little calibrated dipper.
But If you are only shooting a box or so a year it probably wouldn't be worth the bother unless you are very keen.
Whereabouts in Mid Wales are you ? Morgans in Oswestry seem to be quite reasonable on cartridges or else your local country store or agricultural merchants will probably be quite competitive.
Is yours a bolt action webley ?

I didnt need to buy any after, as I spotted a box on a shelf that I should have remembered about so it will probably be another year or so till I need some now Wink

Yes, Its a bolt action one Smile

cartridges direct buy it by the pallet and it's free to the door
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