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Shotgun certificate

I want to check something and someone here will probably know. My daughter is 18 in 14 days (and counting Rolling Eyes ). She doesn't have her own certificate but until now has always been with me. She has been asked to go and help shoot rabbits with the green keeper at the golf club. Can she do this without her own certificate?

She must not be in sole possession of the gun at any time. A cert. holder has to take her to the course, and she has to be with a cert holder at all times, and a cert holder has to accompany her home.

Why does she not get her own certificate? It's only fifty quid.

Thank you BB. I believe she said almost the same to me, only I think the idea was that I would get it for her.

Extract from police guidance on the web

A Shot guns
6.14 Section 11(5) of the 1968 Act allows
an individual, without holding a shot gun
certificate, to borrow a shot gun from the
occupier of private premises and use it on
those premises in the occupier’s presence.
The presence of the occupier is normally
taken to mean within sight and earshot of the
individual borrowing the firearm. The term
“occupier” is not defined in the Firearms
Acts, nor has a Court clarified its meaning.
However, the Firearms Consultative
Committee in their 5th Annual report
recommended that the provisions of section
27 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
be adopted. This states that ‘“occupier” in
relation to any land, other than the foreshore,
includes any person having any right of
hunting, shooting, fishing or taking game or
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