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Dee J

Shredding hedge brash

A few weeks ago - having finally realised that we'd never get around to doing it... we paid to have a 50 metre run of overgrown hedge laid.The hedgers did a lovely job, but, as expected, left us with a huge amount of hedge brash from 2" thick down to twigs. A mixture of hazel, beech, ash, holly and blackthorn. Now anything over 1" is being sorted for poles, firewood etc. But that still leaves use with a lot of springy/ bulky twiggy brash. Fot this we (mistakenly against a hire companies dodgy website decription) hired a petrol "chipper/shredder" (An Eliet Major;197;43;133;164; ). Seems this can't deal with such thin stuff - which falls out of the other end mildly chewed. Yet feeding this through a regular electric garden shredder would take months. What is the right machine for the job? - we don't really have the space to burn the material....
Midland Spinner

Tie it up in faggots & use for firing.

Pea sticks, or for keeping birds etc from eating seeds.

Tie it up in faggots with biodegradable twine & leave in a pile for birds to nest in etc, it will rot down over the course of a year or so.

Last resort put it on the ground & run a mower over it?

I leave the more twiggy brash for a year then break it by hand & use it in the Rayburn by the handful.
It's not the sort of fuel you can walk away & leave for long before the fires out, but for getting an oven up to temp quick it's ideal.
Means I can save the better logs for overnight burning.

faggots seems a good use ,if you have a small stove do a swapsie

machete and block are good tools ,use withies if you can find suitable bits
Rob R


Hire a tree surgeon for half a day & feed it into a decent sized chipper with hydraulic feeder rollers on, costly but quick & efficient.
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