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Sicily anyone?

Houses for one Euro Plus some bits and bobs. Still cheap though.

the bits n bobs seem cheap, a refurb might be quite a bit more but still a bargain.

it would be different

i might be a bit cautious considering the reputation of some of the locals but afaik they are quite practical so if outsiders are needed to revitalise the town they will go for it . they have over millenia.

it might be worth a closer look.

Buying one would be a waste of time and money. You’d have a serviceable house in a dead town.

Now. Buying 100....

Buying one would be a waste of time and money. You’d have a serviceable house in a dead town.

Now. Buying 100....

does it take that many?
it might take more with some models, in others it only takes a few to shout " gold " and your neck deep in folk with a shovel who all need to buy a cat.

infrastructure is an issue , 2 different governments to work with can be a very big issue or it could be done to everyone's advantage. gulp i was just rehearsing those conversations. can be done but ....

say 5 mil to buy and refurb 100 and then you need to fill them with a functional business to cover that.

50k for two for a home and a business premises and 50 robust and imaginative folk do the same might be a better model

uptake would be an issue, that has caused problems in liverpool and other places.

at face value it seems like cutting out the 11 years and a day squatting thing for a promise to fix the wreck in a potential redevelopment town.

at the mo i think i would need to buy a local chap breakfast and find out the backstory on the ground before i gave it too much consideration .Wink

ps did somebody mention a volcano , is it frisky ?
good soil and i assume reliable water as it has been there a long time, plenty of sun so leccy is no prob.

it is Sicily which has always adapted to changes of economy quite well but usually on their terms, i wonder what they are? Laughing

a core of 50 units in 100 properties with decent connectivity and access, friendly locals and some assorted talents working well together to create a new town in an old one might work.

local and global could be good for regenerative town planning in such a place, food energy, culture etc local , business global and local.

not an easy one to do well, one that could easily be done badly.

if done well it could be ace. there is the other thing though.

i'm quite bold but it makes me twitch a bit just thinking about the research .
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