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Signal Crayfish in North Devon or Somerset?

Hi Folks, Anyone know of a place to catch signal crayfish in North Devon or Somerset? Thank you, Ted
Green Rosie

Sorry but I read that as Single Crayfish Rolling Eyes

(I think I should go to bed now...... Embarassed )

Very Happy me too ! must be the wine.. Embarassed I'm also off to bed.
Green Rosie

Night night.

Hope you find you Crayfish TeddyO now that I'm not here to hijack your thread anymore.

seem to remember something on the television once, not tonights countryfile, that you have to hold a licence to remove them from the rivers. cant help you on location tho.

you need a license from the enviroment agency but they are quite easy to get aparently, im going to be ringing them tomorrow for a pack as i have just got my trap Cool

A bloke who used to work with me used to catch them somewhere up near North Molton. I'll try and find out more details.

Noth Molton, That wold be great. Please let me know if you can find out where!

I think you need a licence only if you leave traps. Reason being they are worried that some types of traps kill w voles and otters or that you could take native crayfish.

is this correct?

Anyone know of a link for the environment agency or regs for signal crayfish? Thanks Ted
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