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simple strawberry and rhubarb wine

500 gm strawbs
500 gm rhubarb in chunks

ferment on pulp for a few days in enough water to cover the fruit, mash a few times,sieve and add to demijohn
500 gm sugar
2 cups strong yorkshire tea(no milk Laughing )

make up to top of DJ with filtered water

ferment using multi purpose wine yeast

add bentonite and campden tablet
wait as it is a bit of a slow settler

filter through concertina folded kitchen towel as there might be a few floaters

bottle ,tis ok fairly young but will improve for a few months in a cool dark place

demi sec , complex fruity and remarkably smooth as the tannins from the tea drops the acidity of the rhubarb rather well leaving just a hint of tea fragrance (rather than mouth puckering tannins or stomach eroding oxalic acid)

ps would go well with chicken or puddings

might be a bid odd with a steak but it might go ok with roast pork
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