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simple web site and coms needed

as it looks like i am going to be involved in running the friends of the dormouse orchard i recon tis best to know about web sites in advance of a need to inform and "tax"interested parties .

i recon a basic web page for information and the ability to expand to a few sections including posting photos and regular reports of works done ,running publicity and taking donations etc etc .

im not sure a forum format is necessary but in some ways it might be quite useful in others it might be a nightmare

a poor site is a waste of time ,a good one could be a very useful tool.

what do i need to know ,what do i need it to do?can i do it for no (or very little) cost ?

is it a good idea to obtain a domain name/web site /email address as a package ?and if so where from?

A free Wordpress account might work. The main page is set up as a blog / diary, but then off that you can have stand-alone pages (like "About" or "FAQs"). I presume you can add in a Paypal / payments page. People can leave comments and talk to each other that way but it's not a forum as such. You get a certain amount of free storage for pictures.
Will you be using the dreaded facebook as well?

I'd suggest that a forum is almost always worth having. They need not cost anything to set up and they are only work to administrate if you've got people posting.
vegplot have some cost effective plans @14.99 per year and their support is good. We no longer provide hosting and are moving 100's across to them. They support a wide range of installable applications.

thanks ,i spose such things work on a variety of access ,pooter,phone etc etc these days .15 squid for a basic host and support pack seems good especially if i dont have to spend ages wrestling with code to add a button or donation box etc etc .

i hadn't thought about the devil's confessional booth,perhaps it would help but i just dont like their ethical( Laughing Laughing Laughing )policy.
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