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Jam Lady

Simple Window Draft Fix

Last night's low temperature was 2 degrees Fahrenheit. It's 11:00 a.m. and currently 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Today's high is unlikely to reach 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

A simple, easy, cheap solution (my favorite kind) is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap! Appliance stores usually have masses of the stuff to get rid of and give it away for the asking. Trim to size with scissors. Dampen the glass and press the smooth side of the bubble wrap up against it. The bubble wrap will cling until you peel it off. Let's in light, works really well to reduce drafts.

I use this for my single glazed greenhouse and there's no reason why it would not work at home. All the windows / skylights in our house are thermopane / double glazed but we still keep the fleece under-curtains and curtains closed unless the sun is shining in specific windows or the temperature is over 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

And just so you all will feel sympathetic for us coping with the arctic vortex that come blasting down - here's a link to a wind chill chart:

it sounds very chilly,bubble wrap is good

beware frost nip to any exposed flesh if outside ,noses and ears are at risk even if the rest of you is warm and well fed.
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