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Single vs double radiators

While on the subject of central heating, has anyone else noticed that similarly rated single radiators seem to give out more heat than a double? If they are the same height the single radiator will be roughly twice the width of the double radiator and perhaps the larger wall area helps if the air flow isn't great, or it could just be my imagination?

My expectation would have been that single panel rads with convector (ie with fins on the back) should give slightly better output/cost balance
... but there's not much difference on the ~4400BTU rads I looked at

As regards the actual output, that's the output (at standard water/air temperatures, flowrate, etc).
But humans are funny detectors.
We quite like radiant heat, so a bigger panel area (ie single old no fins but the same output rating) might 'feel' hotter...
Blue Sky

Cast iron for me. Wink
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