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Site Organization

This is a summary of how the site is organized.

The forum and main website is run by a company Downsizer Ltd

The directors of this company are all members of the forum

Jamanda helps with our financial organisation.

The site is funded via advertising and subscription. All advertising on this site is for members and this carries no cost, more details of member advertising are here. Members can also subscribe. Membership provides a discount on some site run events.

Behind the scenes there are 10 volunteers who work to keep the site running. They welcome people, come up with ideas for articles, help run the meet ups and also have powers of moderation on the forums so can fix links/move posts and help keep contentious debates calm.

Barefoot Andrew

For an up-to-date list of moderators click the Mods group, which is also shown at the top of any forum.

For guidelines on how discussions can be moderated and what action may be taken if the moderators feel a member has gone too far can be found here

There are a few sections which aren't visible to all members to enable resolution of articles and event organisation etc. Each of the following sections links to the list of people who belong to that section

The groups are

Publishing, This is where articles are finalised and editorials are written

We welcome comments, suggestions, offers of articles from all our members. Please either send them in a pm to one of the moderators or alternatively post them in the Site Guidelines, Announcements, Problems and Suggestions section

We also welcome help with writing and proof reading articles and in organizing events. If you want to be a part of one of those groups please contact one if its members

Some new additions to the mod team to help improve the site
       Downsizer Forum Index -> Site guidelines, Announcements, Problems and Suggestions
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